Monday, May 25, 2009


Hi and welcome to the AARTScope Blog.

This is the space for discussion and collaboration around the Australian Amateur Research Telescope (AART).

The AARTScope website can be found at . The AART is a 16inch ASA Astrograph hosted at Riverland Dingo Telescope Farm and is an affiliate of the Global-Rent-A-Scope .

The ASA is married up to some of the finest cameras and filters available, externally guided by an ST-402 ME and eFinder, the 11M 4008 x 2672 pixel FLI PL11002M Class 1 CCD can achieve a SNR of up to 3000 at magnitude 10 on a night of excellent seeing. The 12 position filterwheel carries a full suite of Astrodon color, photometric and narrowband 3nM filters.

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