Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vx For Dwarf Nova outburst

Great work last night Rod. I jumped on it as soon as it came over the side of the shed and have it in the first image at an average of 12.951 M across the first three images I have downloaded (airmass of 1.5)

I should be able to tighten that up a bit when I process the rest of the run.

Data from my first image....

VX For 12.951 SNR 103

126 12.555 SNR 137
137 13.652 SNR 59

More later....

Firrst three images down:

#SOFTWARE=Photometrica 3.0
VX For,2455090.09733,12.936,0.011,V,NO,ABS,ENSEMBLE,na,137,13.660,1.55703,na,090915,na
VX For,2455090.09994,12.959,0.010,V,NO,ABS,ENSEMBLE,na,137,13.665,1.53358,na,090915,na
VX For,2455090.10256,12.991,0.011,V,NO,ABS,ENSEMBLE,na,137,13.662,1.51102,na,090915,na

Looks like Rod has bagged a beauty!!!!


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