Saturday, October 30, 2010

BV89381 asteroid = 2010 UJ7

I am experimenting with some new toys - Camtasia, it is a good tool for recording web sessions and I'm checking it out. (looks pretty good so far).

Here is a video of the session this afternoon doing follow up on a Provisional designation on the MPC's confirmation page. It was very low to the horizion and I was (a bit too) keen to grab it before the moon got up. Enjoy.

Asteroid BV89381

Unfortunately, when I was shooting it, it was still very low in the sky so I could only pick it up in 3x300 Sec which had the asteroid trailing and difficult to get accurate residuals. I ran some 30sec frames for a stack but could not pick it up due to the speed. I'll try tomorrow when its a little higher in the sky before the moon rises. Mind you that won't be easy either as it will be travelling twice as fast.

A couple of other folks jumped on it last night as well and got better data than mine. BV89381 now has a designation 2010 UJ7 at ~27 meter wide asteroid that will pass earth at 0.7 Lunar distances or 0.00085 AU on 2nd Nov.

Hohmann Transfer will be keeping a watchful eye on it along withthe folks at the MPC.

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