Sunday, July 15, 2012

Citizen Science - Astronomy 3.0

Citizen Science is the engagement and leverage of the broader community, who have an interest in science, to accomplish tasks, build community, for outreach, education and research.

Even Amateur Astronomers participate in Citizen Science.

My experience in a Citizen Science project (Skywatch FMO Program) in 2004 re-connected me with my love of astronomy after 24 years of corporate life.

So please enjoy my "thank you letter", my story of my experience with Citizen Science and what's up with the world of astronomy today.

On June 10 I delivered this talk to an audience of non-astronomers with an interest in the topic during a "Learning in the Laneway" session in a Melbourne Cafe.

So Citizen Science, Astronomy 3.0, the new normal, and OSIRIS-REx and Cosmoquest were all covered before the camera filled its memory and conked out.


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