Saturday, June 15, 2013

CosmoQuest Hangout-a-Thon

Updated: Here is the live cross from CosmoQuest Hangout-a-Thon to the Learning in the Laneway -Sunday Spectacular. Fast forward to 2hrs:13min!

We had a great time in the Laneway, there were lots of great courses going on, from Origami, Bee Keeping, programing robots, the science of rollercoasters, and our session on Citizen Science where we used MoonMapper, took some images of Asteroid 1998 QE2 for the OSIRIS-REx Target Asteroids Mission.

Here is the Intro/Outro video of the session, detailing some of the concept of education in Melbourne's famous laneways.

Please support this weekend's Hangout-a-Thon in support of Citizen Science.

This is important, see my previous editorial about getting more from more.

Join us for this 32 hour mega-science event, be part of history. I'll be doing a live outside broadcast into the Hangout from Melbourne Australia, where a Learning in the Laneway event doing Citizen Science will be broadcast into the hangout. Please consider donating!

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